Brian A. Vargas

Hello, my name is Brian Vargas and I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring MD. I’ve lived in Germantown MD, my whole life. I attended Seneca Valley High School and Montgomery College before transferring to The Universities at Shady Grove for Communications.

At USG I have many jobs and interests. I work at the Career & Internship Services Center as a Peer Mentor. At the CISC I also manage their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. I hold an internship with DelfinoCo as the Business Network Coordinator, where I assist small businesses with marketing and business consulting. I’m the president of the newly launched Sustainable Development Club, where our mission is to help the communities around Montgomery County in fostering and developing sustainable skills in areas such as business, health, and culture. I’m an outdoorsy type, I try to ski in the winter and hike in the summer.

The reason why I care to take on the gun control issue of being against teachers possessing guns is because they shouldn’t be the ones handling the weapons, thats what trained officers are for. Schools need to have designated police officers at all times of academia activity.