Teachers Carrying Guns — Misc. Post

Give teachers guns


This link is from The Daily Show, and it examines at one state representative’s proposal to give teachers guns and a superintendent’s interesting alternative

Utah Teacher Shoots Herself In Leg With Concealed Weapon

Hey guys check this article out. Another example of dangerous consequences of carrying weapons in school.


Intro to Group 2 Blog

As of this time, group 2 is arguing against the use of firearms in schools by teachers and professors. One primary reason is that police are designated to protect in serve, not teachers and professors. As academic leaders of society, educations shouldn’t have to worry about defending themselves in crisis situations. The allowance for teachers and professors to have access and use of firearms at anytime is seemingly unnerving. Having more guns in the school also allows students the higher chance of handling the weapon if misplaced or not lucked up appropriately. This is group 2’s current stance on the issue of gun control in relevance to teacher and professor possession.