Overall Evaluation of Argument: Teacher Possessing Guns

Throughout the entire process of this controversial blog topic, I personally never strayed away from the original stance “to not support teacher with guns.” From the perspective of a for guns side, I can see how arming a teacher in a class threatened by a armed assailant would be valid for protection, but at the same time what if that teacher wasn’t properly trained. An innocent child could be threatened or even worse killed under pressure.

Examining past blogs written by my fellow comrades, illustrated are the cons outweighing the pros in arming a teachers. We’ve stated from the beginning that arming teachers shouldn’t have to be an option for communities to argue about, thats what authorized personal is for, protecting the community and its inner inhabitants.  Whether you’re for or against its upsetting that we even need to quarrel over such a topic. Congress seem to be more interested in brining guns into schools than books and supplies. What this topic allowed for my group members and I was a side which we could build a strong rhetorical argument on.

2nd amendment With the use of WordPress to publicize our blogs; affirmative, refutable, and miscellanies, we were able to support the side and gain an audience overtime on Twitter. Our Twitter has over 40 followers that are active, demanding of content, and willing to offer advice on what to post. We’ve been able to foster a relationship with like minded individuals across the web that relate to our side of the stance. We  strongly feel we’ve made the best effort to provide attentional content in support of not arming teachers with guns. We hope to inspire others to write about the topic and increase attention enough to dismay any notions to further implement guns in schools. We greatly enjoyed this blog project and have learned how to stand by a claim.

Affirmative Argument #3: One Critical Reason Why Guns in Schools Are Bad For Kids

1. Kids will eventually find anything 

Speaking from first hand experience and many can relate, when I was a young child my curiosity peaked when my mother and father would hide emblems; presents, toys, games, etc. Every child has this internal curiosity meter that makes them want to find what is hidden or out of reach. So, imagine if a group of ten year olds find out that a gun is present in their classroom: How long until it inevitably finds its way into their small anxious hands? In a research journal prepared by the Pediatrics in 2001, twenty nine groups of ten year olds were sat down in a room with partially hidden fake toy handguns and a real handgun. According to the results of the study Ken Corbett reports “Forty-eight out the sixty-four boys found the handgun. Thirty boys handled the gun. Sixteen boys pulled the trigger. Approximately half of the boys who found the gun thought it was a toy, or were unsure if it was real.” (Corbett 1). Are you shocked? Because I’m not, their young boys who are influenced by popular violent media. Collectively, these children think guns are cool and have no idea of the consequences of handguns. When todays children get their hands on a gun, most likely they understand how it operates. This possibility can be dismissed if guns are absent entirely from the reach of children. Popular toy manufacturers dont help either in separating the physical distinction of real vs fake handguns. With toy handguns looking seemingly real, a child in reach of a handgun in a school environment may just think its a toy like the one he/she already has at home. He/she may not even noticed the additional weight of the real handgun and begin to operate it like the toy he/she has. Guns should never be available to teachers, this is why we continue to stress official personnel; police and security to be authorized on school campus to patrol.