Fernando D.G.

Born and raised in Quito (Ecuador) where I study Law for a few years before coming to the Washington DC area. Once here, I took some Photography classes before deciding to pursue a Communication degree  at the University of Maryland where I’m currently enrolled.

Between work and school, I try to enjoy the variety of features that the area offer such as art exhibitions, live entertainment, and others.

A few facts: I’m news junkie, I studied French for a little bit but sadly I barely remember anything from those days, active but not triathlon-crossfit kind of active, and, until recently, a twitter enthusiast.

I’m interested in the topic because I believe that we have to talk about the real effects of guns in our society and the risks of having them in the classrooms.  The right to bear arms as it is stablished in the Constitution should be secondary to the unalienable rights of  “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” specially if we consider that guns in schools undermine this ideal presented by the founding fathers. With that being said, I think  the discussion about the pros and cons of  guns is important and that this discussion should be a proactive one in order to find solutions to avoid more tragic incidents to take place in our schools.