Utah Elementary School Teacher “Plaxico Burress’s”” Herself at School

For those of you who don’t know, Plaxico Burress was a NFL wide receiver, who was the 8th pick in the 2000 NFL draft by the Steelers – played for them until 2004 – then he played for the NY Giants, and helped them win a Super Bowl 2008. However, that was the same year that he accidently shot himself in the leg. So to “Plaxico Burress Yourself” means to shoot yourself in the leg.

The following article is about an elementary school teacher in Utah who “Plaxico Burress’s” herself.


ARTICLE: Utah Teacher Shoots Herself In Leg With Concealed Weapon

By Peg McEntee   Posted: 09/11/2014 7:21 pm EDT Updated: 11/11/2014 5:59 am EST

       SALT LAKE CITY, Sept 11 (Reuters) – A Utah elementary school teacher with a state permit to carry a concealed firearm in class shot herself in the leg when the handgun went off, apparently by accident, while she was in a faculty restroom on Thursday, school district officials said.
The shooting at the Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, a Salt Lake City suburb, occurred shortly before classes began in the morning, while most students were still outside the building, said Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley.
No one was injured but the sixth-grade teacher, Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, who was alone when she suffered a single bullet wound to her leg, school officials said. She was later listed in good condition at a nearby hospital.
Horsley said he had no information on how the teacher had the gun holstered or what caused it to discharge. But a preliminary investigation by school district police found the shooting appeared to be accidental and not the result of negligence, he said.
Utah state law allows private citizens, including teachers, to carry concealed firearms on the job with a special permit requiring prior gun-safety training and a background check.
In keeping with the law’s privacy provisions, the school had not been aware the teacher was a permit holder, Horsley said.
“The law’s specific. We’re not allowed to ask, and she’s not required to tell us,” he said. “The intent of a concealed-carry permit is to have the strategic advantage of people not knowing that you’re carrying, so that you can defend yourself.”
Teachers who do bring a concealed weapon to work must keep it on their person at all times, and are barred from leaving it in a drawer or cabinet, even if under lock and key, he said.
Horsley said the incident marks the first time since the law’s passage about a decade ago that anyone with a concealed-carry permit has had their gun go off by mistake in a school.
“We have parents who are concerned about a teacher bringing a weapon into the school, and we have referred those parents to the legislature, as we only have the ability to comply with the law,” he said.
In a letter posted online, Westbrook principal Karen Chatterton urged parents to “have a conversation with your child about what they know” of the incident and to “reassure them that school is the safest place they can be.”
Horsley said hundreds of public school faculty in Utah attended free gun-safety classes for teachers organized by concealed-carry advocates following the December 2012 massacre of 20 school children by a gunman in Newtown, Connecticut.

Caitlin McNamara

I’m Caitlin (Cait) McNamara, and I am a senior at UMD College Park, Shady Grove Campus. I am currently a communication major, and am interested in working for Make A Wish, or make life, easier, and as enjoyable as possible for those with cancer. I have strong opinions and beliefs, but I’m still open-minded enough to take the other side of the argument into consideration.

I’ve written a few papers and done several presentations on the awful shootings involving schools and kids/teens over the past 16 years; including the shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. After doing endless hours of research, and watching/listening to the most disturbing videos and images of the aftermath, I became very interested in the uprise of school shootings, and the best way to stop them. Of all the solutions to putting an end to these shootings, I do not believe that giving teachers guns is one of them.

There are several reasons I believe giving teachers guns won’t help, and is a down-right terrible idea. First, children are like stealth operatives and always find a way to get their hands on everything. For example, they always seems to find hidden Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthday presents, no matter how great the hiding place is. If one of the kids got their hands on the gun, there’s no telling how many people would be killed or injured. Second, if I was in elementary school and knew my teacher had a gun in the room, I would be terrified (especially with the teachers I went to school with). Also, unless there’s a multi-day, incredibly intense training program, then some to most of these teachers and classrooms are more dangerous with a gun then without.

I have a friend, named “Farrah,” and she is a 2nd grade teacher in Silver Spring. She’s a very sweet, smart, and patient person, but she lacks common sense. When I first heard about the idea of arming teachers, I immediately thought about Farrah, and worried for the safety of Silver Spring’s youth. Farrah is the prime example why teachers should NOT carry a gun for a couple reasons. First, she has no business being around guns because she doesn’t “understand” gun safety; which is a nice way of saying she would be the first person to point it at someone while trying to get a feel for it, or look down the barrel of a gun (which I’ve actually seen her do). Secondly, if she did need to use it, she would most likely shoot herself in the foot (literally) and even some children; not because of poor aim, but because she would “spaz out,” and just start firing. So anytime I think about arming our teachers, I think of Farrah and others like her, and see how much more harm could be done!

Guns aren't for everyone
Guns aren’t for everyone