Utah Elementary School Teacher “Plaxico Burress’s”” Herself at School

For those of you who don’t know, Plaxico Burress was a NFL wide receiver, who was the 8th pick in the 2000 NFL draft by the Steelers – played for them until 2004 – then he played for the NY Giants, and helped them win a Super Bowl 2008. However, that was the same year that he accidently shot himself in the leg. So to “Plaxico Burress Yourself” means to shoot yourself in the leg.

The following article is about an elementary school teacher in Utah who “Plaxico Burress’s” herself.


ARTICLE: Utah Teacher Shoots Herself In Leg With Concealed Weapon

By Peg McEntee   Posted: 09/11/2014 7:21 pm EDT Updated: 11/11/2014 5:59 am EST

       SALT LAKE CITY, Sept 11 (Reuters) – A Utah elementary school teacher with a state permit to carry a concealed firearm in class shot herself in the leg when the handgun went off, apparently by accident, while she was in a faculty restroom on Thursday, school district officials said.
The shooting at the Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, a Salt Lake City suburb, occurred shortly before classes began in the morning, while most students were still outside the building, said Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley.
No one was injured but the sixth-grade teacher, Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, who was alone when she suffered a single bullet wound to her leg, school officials said. She was later listed in good condition at a nearby hospital.
Horsley said he had no information on how the teacher had the gun holstered or what caused it to discharge. But a preliminary investigation by school district police found the shooting appeared to be accidental and not the result of negligence, he said.
Utah state law allows private citizens, including teachers, to carry concealed firearms on the job with a special permit requiring prior gun-safety training and a background check.
In keeping with the law’s privacy provisions, the school had not been aware the teacher was a permit holder, Horsley said.
“The law’s specific. We’re not allowed to ask, and she’s not required to tell us,” he said. “The intent of a concealed-carry permit is to have the strategic advantage of people not knowing that you’re carrying, so that you can defend yourself.”
Teachers who do bring a concealed weapon to work must keep it on their person at all times, and are barred from leaving it in a drawer or cabinet, even if under lock and key, he said.
Horsley said the incident marks the first time since the law’s passage about a decade ago that anyone with a concealed-carry permit has had their gun go off by mistake in a school.
“We have parents who are concerned about a teacher bringing a weapon into the school, and we have referred those parents to the legislature, as we only have the ability to comply with the law,” he said.
In a letter posted online, Westbrook principal Karen Chatterton urged parents to “have a conversation with your child about what they know” of the incident and to “reassure them that school is the safest place they can be.”
Horsley said hundreds of public school faculty in Utah attended free gun-safety classes for teachers organized by concealed-carry advocates following the December 2012 massacre of 20 school children by a gunman in Newtown, Connecticut.

Overall Evaluation of Argument: Teacher Possessing Guns

Throughout the entire process of this controversial blog topic, I personally never strayed away from the original stance “to not support teacher with guns.” From the perspective of a for guns side, I can see how arming a teacher in a class threatened by a armed assailant would be valid for protection, but at the same time what if that teacher wasn’t properly trained. An innocent child could be threatened or even worse killed under pressure.

Examining past blogs written by my fellow comrades, illustrated are the cons outweighing the pros in arming a teachers. We’ve stated from the beginning that arming teachers shouldn’t have to be an option for communities to argue about, thats what authorized personal is for, protecting the community and its inner inhabitants.  Whether you’re for or against its upsetting that we even need to quarrel over such a topic. Congress seem to be more interested in brining guns into schools than books and supplies. What this topic allowed for my group members and I was a side which we could build a strong rhetorical argument on.

2nd amendment With the use of WordPress to publicize our blogs; affirmative, refutable, and miscellanies, we were able to support the side and gain an audience overtime on Twitter. Our Twitter has over 40 followers that are active, demanding of content, and willing to offer advice on what to post. We’ve been able to foster a relationship with like minded individuals across the web that relate to our side of the stance. We  strongly feel we’ve made the best effort to provide attentional content in support of not arming teachers with guns. We hope to inspire others to write about the topic and increase attention enough to dismay any notions to further implement guns in schools. We greatly enjoyed this blog project and have learned how to stand by a claim.

Teachers can secretly bring guns to classes?

Kasey Hansen is a twenty six year old teacher who works with elementary, middle, and high school students with hearing impairments in the Granite School District. Hansen also brings someone, or should Idownload say something called Lucy. Now Lucy is Hansen’s pink handgun that she carries with her everyday, to the fourteen schools she works with. She got her concealed-carry permit after the Shady Hook shooting. The shooting upset her too the point that she decided that she needed to “protect” her students from anything like the Shady Hook shooting. Hansen advocates that every teacher should carry a gun to the their class room.

How is this possible? In twenty eight states it is legal for adults to bring a legally owned firearm to a schools hallways. It is also legal for the school not to tell anybody about who has a gun in the school. If one were to ask about that kind of information most schools will not comment.

Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed firearms to classes? If you were to ask Hansen she would say, “of course!” Me on the other hand I would disagree with her. I have personal experience with firearms from growing up with guns and teaching other people how to properly shoot a gun, and I have to say that some people can not handle a firearm safely. Shooting a gun is not as easy as it seedownload (2)ms in the movies. A firearm, a handgun especially, are difficult to aim accurately even when not your not under any stress. The kickback from some guns is enough to make someone lose their balance and it takes practice not to flinch at a gunshot. The gunshot itself is deafening without proper ear protection. All of these factors can make one emotionally distressed which is the last thing you want to be while handling a firearm. If a teacher can’t handle that kind of stress, he or she should not have a gun. The teacher in mind would must also be emotionally and mentally stable at all times, especially when working with kids that could provoke a teacher to be on their bad side. If teachers did not carry guns a certain incident could have been avoided. The dean, Shaun Harrison, of a Boston High School shot a teenager (name has not been released) in the head. The dean was running a marijuana distribution ring and the teenager had been hired by him. This shows even teachers and other factuality can be just dangerous with a gun like a criminal.

Affirmative Argument #4 Win! For Us Opposed to Arming Teachers

Yes! Finally we, the group opposed to arming teachers with guns win justification for siding to not arm teachers for once. The argument I want to clearly state and backup is that when you allow a teacher to carry a gun, they make mistakes and can threaten the lives of innocent children.  So therefore guns need not to be carried by teachers. In the article In Utah, Teachers Can Carry Guns Into School and Not Tell Anyone, written by Zoe Schlanger the premise is about how persons in Utah that have a concealed-carry permit are allowed to carry a firearm in school without approval by school authority.

Now, one might ask themselves: What happens if this concealed gun goes off unannounced? Well, there was a case in which that occurred. “An elementary school teacher with a concealed-carry permit accidentally shot herself in the leg in the Utah school’s bathroom Thursday morning,” The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The most asinine thing about this policy is that “parents, by law, are not allowed to ask their child’s teacher if he or she is carrying a gun in the classroom.” (Schlanger, 2014). This is a terrifying game of Russian roulette as I see it, because you may have a mentally unstable teacher with the capabilities to just off a student. While the entire community and its constituents are completely anonymous that said teacher is indeed  packing heat. This policy is risky and needs to be changed, at least in telling someone your armed. “82 percent of respondents thought parents should have the right to know if their child’s teacher is packing heat.” (Schlannger, 2014). If I were a parent in Utah I’d move knowing that I had no idea if the teacher that just bought a gun without training is sitting 5 feet from him/her. In closing I feel my argument to not arm teachers with guns is more justifiable given the example I provided