Daniel A. Zevallos

Well… first things first, welcome everyone. My name is Daniel Zevallos, and Im suppose to tell you a little bit about my self! so here we go. I was born in Santiago, Chile. Most of my life I lived in a small town called Santacruz, which is about three hours from the capital. My parents decided to move into the states in 2003, right after I turned 11 years old. Moving here was much more than just learning a new language, and adopting a new culture. It was, and still is about a better future. Reaching dreams and goals that would have never been possible otherwise. Around the age of 17 I found a hidden talent for film and photography, a talent that later on became a passion. A passion that brought me a new perception of the world, but most importantly a new form of expression. Film has aloud me to stand out from millions of voices around the word.

Being a college student requires you to be exposed to a world of knowledge that perhaps you have never experienced before. Students experience academic discussions among peers about the latest topics of interest. From politics to technological advances and much more. One of those topics that are hard to discuss include Gun control. I was particularly never drawn into this topic until taking a crisis management class. I remember very clearly having to do a case study on the Columbine school massacre, which took place in 1999. Exploring this case was a eye opener into the issue of gun control, specially its relationship with school professionals and the academic world. Does America need more gun control legislature, or should our nation move into a more liberal defensive stand on this issue? Well lets find out!

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