Anthony S. Choi


My name is Anthony, but people usually call me by my last name Choi. I am currently a Senior at the University of Shady Grove pursuing a Communication degree through the University of Maryland. I attended Penn State University during my freshman year. I got to experience the big college lifestyle, but after just one year I decided that it would be best if I transferred to Montgomery College.

An interesting fact about me is that I lived in Las Vegas for five years. When you tell people that you’ve lived in Vegas, all they think about are the glitz and glamour of the Strip, but to be honest living in Vegas as a child is really no different. You still wake up early, go to school, hang out with friends, and etc. One thing I will say is that no matter where you go, the AC will always be blasting to keep people from drying out from the 100+ degree desert heat.

My personality type is an ENFP. I am a huge extrovert. I can pick up quickly on social cues. I make decisions with my gut instinct rather than thinking things through logically. And I love being spontaneous and going with the flow. I can talk hours and hours about Myers Briggs. My friends get so tired when I meet a new person and immediately try to figure out someone’s personality type. “Oh here we go again.”

After I graduate, I am looking to pursue a career in Sales/Marketing. I enjoy meeting new people, traveling, and the competitive nature that comes with the job. A few places that I would love to relocate to are Chicago, Colorado, Oregon, and San Fransisco. The thought of relocating to a new city, where I don’t know a single soul excites me. I look forward to thought of meeting new people, experiencing a new culture/environment, and scouring the city for great, local spots to eat.

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